The BUSINESS OWNERS project is a European Project, approved by the Spanish National Agency, Autonomous Body European Educational Programs (O.A.P.E.E), within the ERASMUS + Program that promotes the development of materials for the development of interpersonal skills and in particular entrepreneurship. It also supports initiatives that create or reinforce links between education / training and the labor market in order to better match the skills and competences acquired with the needs and demands of companies.

The BUSINESS OWNERS project aims to sensitize young people to the possibilities that the family business offers for their professional development. Also during the development of the project we will create training materials so that these people can learn and acquire the necessary skills that allow them to be prepared to carry out this process successfully.

The project has the participation of six entities from five different countries. And the coordinating entity is the Federation of Services for the mobility and consumption of UGT of Castilla y León (SMC-CyL)